Graphic Design, Web Dev and SEO

Ztylus Revolver


Working at a smaller company, I wore several hats! I gained experience as a graphic designer, web developer and advertisting specialist.

My specific tasks ranged from designing web ads, creating print materials, improving SEO, creating product listings, and updating multiple company websites.


In the first couple of weeks at Ztylus, I worked on back-end web development to compliment my graphic design role. I completed both front and back-end work simultaneously, which ended up helping me power through some of the more monstrous tasks on my own. These tasks included creating new product listings and adapting to the new look and feel that the Ztylus brand demanded.

During my time here, I have been able to improve and pick-up a couple new css tricks from my close-knit team.


My tertiary role as SEO Specialist gave me the opportunity to really dig into inner workings of online giants Facebook, Ebay and Amazon. Having worked with Google Adwords and Adroll my skills in marketing and search engine optimization have massively improved.


If you have any questions about my position at Ztylus,
please don't hesitate to email me.