The Animal Party App you Never knew you Needed


Click here to visit the Synthimals Web App!

Synthimals is a soundboard web app that can play up to 8 different loops simultaneusly. Dedicated to all the party animals out there.

I focused most of my effort working on the Javascript portion of development, making sure that all the components and processes such as saving, loading, and sound queuing worked. In addition to improving my Javascript skills, I was also able to dabble in some Jquery, HTML and CSS!

Art & Animation

I also played a large role in creating the character assets for our app. Four suited up animals (owl, shark, sloth, goat) are present and all bob their heads or sing according to the loop that is being played. You can also get them to be quiet if you want to pause a particular loop. Here is just 1 of 4 different party animals that you'll see jammin' in the app.