A Thinking Ape

Mobile Game Development

Life at A Thinking Ape

My role at A Thinking Ape was junior game designer! Here, I worked on game design documents and a lot of spreadsheets!

My main tasks included creating and improving content for SMASH! Duties ranged from balancing monsters statistics, balancing the in-game economy, creating promotions and implementing and testing new game mechanics.

At the beginning, I was crunching and balancing several different character and environmental stats, but as time went on, I branched out into art and UI/UX design.

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Game Balancing

As mentioned above, my role as a game designer was mainly to create and improve gameplay for SMASH. Most of these tasks were done via spreadsheets where I tinkered with monster balancing, economy and game design documents

I specifically enjoyed the challenge of balancing all of the monsters stats. Just to name a few, some of the stats included Attack Damage, Special Attack Damage, Defense, and HP Pools!

UI Design

I was lucky enough to work on some of the User Intereface Design for SMASH. After creating a few examples for the attack menu, I asked our Lead UI Artist for critique. To my delight, I got the go ahead from both the artist and my Lead Game Designer! I was then assigned UI duty where I was able to give our UI artist a much needed break!

In-Game Art

I also had a chance to alter some of our existing assets to be a little more festive...

Presenting: Holiday Blobs! The edible treat for your monsters.

SMASH-related Goodies!

Fan-made plushies, laser-cutted plastics and monster masks. Made by yours truly!